Origin Shield

Protect your Origin Server

and multiple requests

Our unique origin shielding for live streaming protects your LIVE origin server from a huge number of request from our CDN Edge Nodes. Our LIVE origin shield is deployed with complete redundancy to ensure stability, control, and security.

We guarantee you that we will only pull one stream from your origin server which ensures your origin server is protected from multiple requests and other external attacks. Our origin shield deployment also enables us to troubleshoot any issue with very minimum resolution time.

Global Protection
  • Select Closest to your Origin Server
  • You have to select the closest Origin Shield Server which will ensure minimum latency and maximum performance of your live streaming.

  • Custom Origin Server.
  • Our unique custom origin server deployment is tailor made to meet your requirement, and we handle your server with extreme precious in order your maximum your performance. The custom origin server is directly plugged into our CDN network hence there is no loss in video quality.

Custom Origin Server
Redundant Architecture
  • Redundant Architecture.
  • Origin shield servers are deployed in 2x redundancy which means if one server goes offline we ensure your content is pulled via our backup origin shield server. All our backbone are deployed in a redundant architecture ensuring maximum uptime.