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Join us to experience the digital revolution. 5centsCDN, as a company, is now far more open than it’s ever been and is promoting collaboration and sharing 

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Since anyone can view and modify open-source software, it comes across as a better option in the industry. Someone might spot and correct errors or omissions that a program’s original creators might have missed.

Control and Leadership

Being able to change the parts of the software is so empowering. Not only programmers or developers can benefit from these programs, but other users can also use this software as they wish.

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Community Building

Open-source software incorporates and operates according to open standards. Also, it inspires a community of users and developers to form around it and these are the people who ultimately, use, promote, and affect the software.

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Security and Stability

A number of programmers can work on a piece of open-source software without having to wait for approval from the creator. It saves time, as well as makes the project more stable

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Safe and secure web package Manager

Volt has emerged as the powerful, fast, and memory-safe package manager for the web. He has been a real hero when it comes to problem-solving regarding development. The end users have been experiencing fast, convenient, and Robust content delivery. 5centCDN aims to take that experience to the next level with its sponsorship program.

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One of a kind product management framework

Hydralite is an open-source, next-generation project marketing and management platform that uses a platform-specific “currency” called Hydra. It enables the users to build a vast community around their product using an algorithmic, promotional feed of content, as well as to conduct software effectively with an intuitive, one-of-a-kind product management framework.

Over the period of time, we have witnessed Hydra Lite emerging as a powerful business entity which has led us to join hands with you for this sponsorship with 100 percent confidence. We are positive that this partnership will be beneficial for both parties and will ultimately bring about a productive change in the project marketing and management community across the globe.

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