Transcode your streams with Multi Bitrate Transcoding+

Our MBT+ feature allows you to transcode your live streams to any preferred profiles

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Improve your viewer’s live-streaming experience by delivering content using adaptive bitrate streaming to suit their connection speed.

Preset Profiles

Customized and preset encoding profiles that target a specific device or a set of devices.

Number of Stream Outputs

Get three profiles or stream outputs (including the source) at a flat price.

MBT+ Type Comparison

Price Per Month (USD) $25 $50 $100
Source Stream Limit (Mbps) <~3 >~3 to <6 >~6 to ~12
Output Bitrate Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Outputs 3 Including Source 3 Including Source 3 Including Source
Preset Profiles Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
Transcoding Duration Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Source Stream Type Publish/Restream Publish/Restream Publish/Restream
DVR with ABR Optional Optional Optional
Timeshift with ABR Optional Optional Optional

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