Our middleware allows you to manage your customer subscription, content management, and customer billing. 

IPTV Middleware - OTT Middleware

Customize your customer content with our best features.

IPTV Middleware - OTT Middleware

Live Channel Management

Manage all your live TV channels where you can able to add channels, edit existing channels and edit settings on your content.

IPTV Middleware - OTT Middleware

VOD Management

VOD offers favorite video content for your viewers. You can manage the video content such as movies, special shows, etc., where your viewers can watch on demand for money.

IPTV Middleware - OTT Middleware

EPG Management

Manage the Electronic Programming Guide that allows viewers to find detailed information about a particular program, program which is scheduled to play, etc.

IPTV Middleware - OTT Middleware

Subscription Management

Manage your customers, get the overall information about their subscriptions, invoices, transactions, etc. Track the customer activity using the logs and reports.

IPTV Middleware - OTT Middleware

Distributor Management

Your distributors can sell your products via their customer base using the Distributor Management System. It’s an easy way to improve your sales and expand your reach.

IPTV Middleware - OTT Middleware

Stock Management

Manage and oversee the stock by importing the stock list. You can keep track of the device used by different customers by linking with subscription management system.

Set Top Box

5centsCDN offer Android custom set top boxes. G2 STB’s are the second generation model of cost-efficient UHD STB’s from 5centsCDN, with the partnership of our trustful vendors. The device runs on Android OS and fully meets the most stringent requirements of the IPTV/OTT market. G2+ is powered by a octa-core Cortex-A53 CPU and comes with 3 GB RAM and 32GB Flash on board, which enable it to easily play and store high-definition videos (4k @ 60 fps).

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