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IP Camera Re-streaming

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IP camera re-streaming is a turnkey solution for clients who has an IP camera in their network infrastructure to re-stream or broadcast over the internet to a wider audience or specific user groups. IP cameras are mostly used for infrastructure security as well as monitoring purpose. IP camera acts as a streaming server to broadcast real time video, but it can only support 10 concurrent connections (depend on the internet bandwidth as well as IP camera specification). 5centsCDN eliminates these limitations by enabling your IP camera streams to be watched by ‘N’ no. of concurrent users using our CDN servers.

How IP Camera Re-streaming works?

  • Activate your account
  • Add you IP cam by creating a restream publishing point
  • CDN origin server will be pulling one stream from your IP cam using RTSP or HTTP
  • Deliver via CDN using HLS

5centsCDN origin server pull one stream from your IP camera (A Static IP URL is recommended) and your end user can watch the live broadcast from our server thus eliminating the internet bandwidth limitation or any IP camera limitation. Few recommendations are static IP, H.264 video codec and AAC audio codec.


What we offer?

Our Features

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You can decide which countries the stream has to be allowed or blocked. Most of the content providers have restrictions between borders so that this feature can be very useful in a pinch.

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Token Security

An authentication token for protecting your content that prevents third party users from accessing your content and use elsewhere. You can generate unique URL which expires from minutes to days hence nobody can copy your streaming URL.

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DVR / Recording

You can record or archive your live streaming to deliver to your end users as a VOD at a later time. Our pricing starts at 15 USD per stream.

Delayed Streaming

Delayed Streaming / Catch Up TV / Time Shift TV

This feature enable to you delay your love broadcasts from minutes to hours. Few broadcasters prefer delayed stream due to time zone differences as well as help them to edit content if required within the time delay set.

Real-Time Status

Real-Time Status

You can view your concurrent users on real-time via our control panel. This feature is very helpful to know your most popular content and can be showcased to sponsors or advertisers to generate revenue.