Http Web Acceleration

5centsCDN accelerates the static assets of  your website, like style sheets, JavaScript files and images.Our HTTP acceleration solution is used by Gamers, publishers, advertising agencies, OTT / IPTV proceed and software companies.


Accelerate your web with our best features.

Web Acceleration - Improve Website Performance


Purge allow you to manage the content which is being served through our CDN. Using purge you delete a single file or all files from the edge servers.

Web Acceleration - Improve Website Performance

Origin Shield

Our unique origin shielding protects your origin server from a huge number of request from our CDN Edge Nodes. Our origin shield is deployed with complete redundancy to ensure stability, control, and security.

Web Acceleration - Improve Website Performance

Edge Rules

EdgeRules gives you instant control over how your content is delivered. You can customize your asset delivery, security measures, SEO and mobile experience.

Video on Demand - VOD Services - VOD Streaming


You can use our free shared SSL or we can install your custom dedicated SSL for NO monthly fee.

Video on Demand - VOD Services - VOD Streaming

Referrer Access Control

Allows you to control which referrers are strictly allowed or disallowed to access your CDN assets.


Token Security

An authentication token for protecting your content that prevents unauthorized users from accessing your content.



You can decide which countries the stream has to be allowed or blocked.

Web Acceleration - Improve Website Performance

HLS Pull

If you have a origin media server like Flussonic or Wowza, then it is possible to deliver your HLS URLs with CDN to the desired location using Pull Zone.

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