Our roadmap gives you an idea on the plan of action on how our product or solution will be evolved over time!

  • To Do
    Clip Posting-Post clips to social platforms while Livestreaming
    Video manager
    Simulcasting plan(Stand alone)
    5centsCDN oAuth
    Livestream monitoring and notification
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  • Testing
    Simulcasting VK Live integration
    YouTube importer / YouTube Sync
    Simulcasting D Liveintegration
    Simulcasting API-Custom RTMP
  • Doing
    Transcoding v3
    Simulcasting Periscope integration
    Simulcasting LinkedIn integration
    Simulcasting GoodGame integration
    Simulcasting integration
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  • Done
    Transcoding API
    MPEG-DASH - Live & VOD
    File listing API
    Simulcasting FB integration
    Let's Encrypt SSL
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