Working of Live Transcoding with the profile types and the profile client gets per Live Transcoded stream

Live Transcoding enables content providers to deliver adaptive bitrate streaming to multiple devices from a single high-quality Push or Pull source stream. Our powerful GPU based transcoding platform reduces operational cost and complexity, eliminates bandwidth bottlenecks, and provides viewers with high-quality user experience on their device of choice.

You need to have at least a single Publishing Point (Push/Pull) for which the Transcoding has to be enabled. At 5centsCDN, Live Transcoding is an extremely resource-intensive CPU-based process and includes the following steps: decoding of the source stream, processing and coding of the raw stream according to the specified parameters. Transcoding is necessary when you want to:

change the codec

change the image size

change the bitrate of the stream

create multi-bitrate stream

We provide three transcoding profile types, namely SD, HD, and UHD and since we have this extensive array of profile types, the client can push up to 12 Mbps stream and can get the corresponding transcoding output. We are offering the Live Transcoding Profiles as an Addon service for our clients where a client if subscribed gets up to three profiles per definition he/she chooses which includes the source stream.

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