What is Video Loop/Image Loop in transcoding filters?

What is the use of video loop/image loop?

If you have an audio only source and you need to add a video source to your stream then you can enable this option in transcoding filter. These features are commonly used for radio streaming.

for example, I want to stream an audio-only stream to YouTube but YouTube only supports audio plus video. So in that case I can enable the video loop/image loop feature.

What is Video loop?

You can enable the video loop option and provide the video URL in the specified column. The video file will act as your video source in your audio-only stream.

The supported video file formats are mp4 and gif.

What is Image loop?

You can enable this option and provide the image URL in the specified column, The image file will act as your video source in your audio-only stream.

The supported image file formats are jpeg,jpg and png

How can i enable this feature?

  • Login to 5centsCDN console
  • Move to Global settings under live streams.
  • Click the Live transcoding profiles/filters option.
  • On the redirected page select the filter section.
  • Create a new filter under the Create Configurable Filter option.
  • Provide the filter name.
  • Select filter type as Video source from image or Video source from video.
  • Provide the image URL/Video URL in the next column.
  • Click the save button.
  • After that, you can go to your live stream push/pull stream and add this filter to your stream(Dashboard>PUSH/PULL>Manage>Transcode).

After these steps, you can encode your audio-only source to the stream. The output will be a combination of audio and video.

NB:The source profile cannot be enabled when filters are active.

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