What is Origin Certificate Expiring Alert? How to resolve it?

The Origin Certificate Expiring Alert is primarily used to inform you when your HTTP or VOD Pull zone’s origin server SSL is about to expire. You should immediately take action to renew the certificate on your origin server to avoid downtime. If the certificate expires, the CDN will not pull content from the origin server. Depending on the expiration date, you will receive several email alerts.

-> 1st notification- 30 days in advance

-> 2nd notification- 14 days in advance

-> 3rd notification- 7 days in advance

-> 4th notification- 3 days in advance

-> 5th notification- 1 day in advance

Notification after certificate expiry,

-> 1st notification- 1 day after the expiry

-> Last notification-  3 days after the expiry

How to renew the certificate in my origin server?

You can log in to your Cpanel or website-hosted server to renew the SSL certificate. You can also contact your hosting provider to renew the SSL.

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