A CDN plan is a pre-packaged set of resources that enables users to initiate CDN services without the need for manual configuration. These plans provided by 5centsCDN allow users to experience a range of products. In comparison to the a la carte plan, the minimum required monthly amount is higher, but it includes a resource package within the service. This eliminates the need for manual resource pricing calculations.

The primary highlight of the CDN package lies in its comprehensive inclusion of Image Optimization and Asset Optimization, without any limitations. This empowers you to elevate your content delivery optimization to new heights.

What is the pricing for CDN Plan?

The pricing for the CDN plans:

  • STANDARD – $5
  • VOLUME – $12
  • PREMIUM – $15
  • ENTERPRISE – $20

What is included in all of the plans?

All the Plans Includes the following:

  • CDN Bandwidth: 1 TB
  • Stream Name: 1
  • Multistreaming Platform: 1
  • Video Player: 10 MM HITS
  • Zones: 1
  • Image Optimizer: Unlimited REQ
  • Asset Optimizer: Unlimited REQ
  • SimpleDNS: 1 domain
  • SimpleDNS: Unlimited QRY
  • SimpleDNS: 1k records
  • Traffic Director: 1 domain
  • Traffic Director: 1 MM QRY
  • Traffic Director: 1k records
  • Traffic Director Health Check: 2
  • Standard Support


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