Setting up Bradmax Player with 5centsCDN

1. Navigate to “Bradmax” under Player on the left-hand side of your 5centsCDN console.

2.Select Player List under Bradmax.

3. Click to “create new” button.

4. Provide the player name.

5. In the redirected page, you can set the skin configuration and the player configuration.

6. In the redirected page, you can see that Player configurations list.

7.If you would like to embed the player within your project, click on “get embed code”.

8. In the redirected page you can set the player width and height.

9. In “media URL” you can add the playback URL of your stream.

10. The “splash image URL” field refers to the image that you can see in the video player before the video itself starts playing. We recommend uploading an image of your choice on to your CDN Storage and adding the link to it through a CDN Resource URL.

11. Copy the Embed and add in your website.


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