Pseudo Streaming with Pull Zones

We have integrated Pseudo streaming (also referred to as progressive download) feature to our Pull Zone which enables the user to do the video streaming in a more powerful way. Pseudo-streaming works over HTTP protocol and it supports seeking to not yet downloaded parts of a video file. It works with Flash and HTML5 players such as JW Player or Flowplayer and it also works natively on iOS and Android devices.

Once you have enabled Pseudo Streaming, instead of requesting and caching the full video file from your origin, we now request and cache small video pieces. This allows users to skip to any part of the video they want and get it extremely fast. If the video piece isn’t cached, our CDN servers simply request that part from the origin and send it to the user.

To implement Pseudo Streaming for your Pull Zone, please follow the below instructions.

  • Go to your Pull Zone by clicking on Zones > HTTP > Pull
  • Click on the Manage Button for the required Pull Zone for which Pseudo Streaming has to be configured.
  • Click on the Edge Setting and Check the box near to Pseudo Streaming option and Save it. You are ready to go then.

NB: WAF will be disabled on enabling the Pseudo Streaming. Kindly keep this in mind before activating Pseudo streaming.

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