Origin Shield for Pull Zones

Origin Shield is the extra caching layer which reduces the load on your origin server and accelerates the distribution of your content from the origin server to our edge servers. The shield servers are highly redundant and are located in major cities. This feature is available for all Pull Zones and we are excited to provide this feature as a free add-on.

When a client requests the content from your website and if that content has never been cached by any of our edge servers, then the following happens with that request when Origin Shield is enabled: User requests don’t come from our growing number of edge servers but are filtered through selected shield servers. With Origin Shield enabled, when the first request for content arrives at our edge server and that edge server does not have the content cached, it passes the request along to our shield server, which also doesn’t have the content cached. The shield server passes the request along to your origin server. The shield server caches the content that it has retrieved from your origin server and passes it along to our edge server. Finally, our edge server passes the content to the user. The further requests for the same content that arrives at the same edge server serve the content out of its cache, so no request goes to the shield servers or to the origin server. No future requests for the content would be passed along to your origin server until the shield servers and the related Edge servers cached content expires or you purge the cache for your zone.

To enable Origin Shield for your Pull Zone, Kindly follow the steps.

  • Go to your Pull Zone by clicking on Zones > HTTP > Pull
  • Click on the View Button for the required Pull Zone for which Origin Shield has to be configured and click on Origin Shield.
  • Our Shield servers are positioned in the following locations San Jose, California and London, United Kingdom. Select any of these locations which are geographically nearer to your Origin.
  • Click on Save and your Origin Shield will be activated.

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