I want my host name in place of 5centsCDN in RTMP URL

If you want to use your hostname instead of .5centscdn.com on your encoder. You should need to create 3 different Cname at your end and need to point your Cname to below hostnames

  1. Create  CNAME, eg: fms.yourdomain.com
  2. Point that CNAME  to corresponding origin server hostname.
  • For origin server in Asia – fms-01-01.5centscdn.com
  • For origin server in North America – fms-02-01.5centscdn.com
  • For origin server in Europe – fms-03-02.5centscdn.com

Once the Cname pointed correctly, you can use your own hostname in RTMP URL.


NB: Check the “Ping” result to verify the Cname is pointed correctly. 

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