You can use the open source php library PHP OpenStack SDK to upload files to your push zones. The following shows how you can use it with 5centsCDN.

  1. Add PHP OpenStack SDK in your project using Composer
    • composer require php-opencloud/openstack
  2. Add Guzzle, PHP HTTP Client in your project
    • composer require guzzlehttp/guzzle
  3. Download the OpenStack RC v3 file from the OpenStack tab of the corresponding push zone.
  4. Login to the OpenStack Horizon File Manager and from left menu, Identity > Users, copy the User ID
    OpenStack USerID
  5. From the OpenStack RC File copy the variables:
  6. Create the php file and copy paste the following OpenStack initialization code
      'region' => 'RegionOne',
      'user' => [
        'id' => 'xxxxxxxxx', // Replace with User ID copied in Step 4
        'password' => 'xxxxxxx', // Replace with OS_PASSWORD copied from RC File
      'scope' => [
        'project' => [
          'id' => 'xxxxxxx', //Replace with OS_PROJECT_ID
    $container = $openstack->objectStoreV1()->getContainer('xxxxxxx'); //Replace with OS_USERNAME
  7. After you can follow the instructions in the PHP OpenStack SDK Docs to upload the files

Sample Usage

/* list container properties */

/* list objects */
foreach ($container->listObjects([], function ($o) { return $o->retrieve(); }) as $object) {

/* List Object Detail */
$object = $container->getObject('01.mp4');
echo "{$object->name}t{$object->contentType}t{$object->contentLength}".PHP_EOL;

/* Upload files <5GB */
$file = '/path/to/filename.ext';//Absolute path to the file
$object = $container->createObject([
'name' => 'raw/'.pathinfo($file, PATHINFO_BASENAME),
'stream' => new Stream(fopen($file, 'r')),