The newly introduced Pay As You Go which is only a few months old has been one of the most liked packages as per the feedback of our clients as it virtually charges zero and also gives a free $15 credit equivalent to 1TB bandwidth which after the expiration of the credit will be billed at .0143 cents per GB, also is activated instantly on signup.

However, a client can also upgrade from Pay As You Go to other available plans under 5centsCDN if he/she has custom needs were other plan fits in.

Upgrade Procedure

From the Dashboard -> My plans. On the redirected page, select My Services under the option Services.  There you can see all your active plans. Select the plan you want to upgrade. This will redirect you to the page to upgrade your current plan. By selecting Upgrade will redirect to a page where you can choose a plan which fits your requirement and proceed to checkout.  


Please get in touch with the support/sales for any assistance needed.

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