How to setup CDN with LiteSpeed Cache?

In order to integrate your WordPress site with CDN please follow this article. For this you need to have a CNAME for your pull-zone, so that CDN can fetch the contents. Its set-up has been explained below.

CNAME setup in the CDN For this guide, we’re going to assume you have already set up your CDN account, and you have a site (let’s call it Your Pull zone configuration screen should have an area for adding a CNAME record.

The goal here is to set up a custom domain to be used only by the CDN. For example, Follow the CDN’s instructions for adding the CNAME record.

Once that is complete, and the domain is active, we’ll be ready to tell WordPress how to proceed.

LiteSpeed Cache CDN Settings Now that your CDN is set up and your static content is ready to be served by the CDN, you will need to let WordPress know about it. You can do this through LiteSpeed Cache. In your WordPress Dashboard, navigate to LiteSpeed Cache > Settings > CDN.

  • Set Enable CDN to ON.
  • Set CDN URL to
  • Set Original URL to //
  • The remaining settings can be used to let LSCWP know which static files will be served by your CDN.

And that’s it! Once you save your changes, LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress will substitute the CDN URL for the Original URL in the static copies it saves of your dynamically-generated code, wherever appropriate.

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