How to schedule a playlist?

This article explains, how to schedule a playlist. If you dd not created a Scheduled playlist then you can refer to this KB to create a Scheduled playlist

Scheduled Playlist V3.0 and its Implementation

Please follow the below-mentioned steps to create and schedule a new playlist.

  1. Login to 5centsCDN console.
  2. Go to “Scheduled Playlist” under Live streams.
  3. Click the Manage button of your scheduled playlist.
  4. On the redirected page, Click the “Playlists” option.
  5. You can see the list of your playlist here, Simply click the green plus button to create another.
  6. Provide the playlist name.
  7. Select Schedule On-Time or Schedule On Date Time in the Schedule Type option. Then provide the time the playlist needs to play.
  8. You can specify the length of the playlist.
  9. In the Loop option, you can specify the playlist is one time or repeat.
  10. Scroll down and add your videos to the playlist.
  11. Click the save button.
  12. If you want to restart the playlist automatically then click the “YES” button.
  13. If you deny the auto-restart option, then you need to restart the playlist as manual.




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