How to play F4V file?

How to play F4V file?

The trick to play F4V file is simple, follow the below steps:

1.Record the file is FMLE using the following settings:

2.Start the FMLE, the f4v file will be saved in the specified path or by default it is saved in My Documents > My Videos


3.Download from the download section or from Adobe, (Flash Media Server tools)

4.Usage of F4VPP

    • 4.1 Open the application in CMD prompt, two ways to do this:
    • 4.1.1 Extract and copy f4vpp.exe to the Windows folder located in the C: drive
    • 4.1.2 Click on Start > Run > Type ‘CMD’ and then drag and drop f4vpp.exe to the CMD prompt
    • 4.2 Use the following commands, before that please make sure you know the location of the recorded file.
    • 4.3 #f4vpp.exe -s -i sample.11.f4v -o sample.11.mp4, for this example I saved the file in the C:\Documents and Settings\Rahiman\My Documents\My Videos Done!

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