I want to upload a set of videos to your cloud storage and make it a live stream. What is the procedure? 

Yes, you can upload your videos to the cloud storage. Then you can create a scheduled playlist make it as a live stream. The steps are explained below, Kindly follow the steps.

  1. First, you need to create an HTTP Push zone or VoD Push zone and upload files to that zone. You can refer to these KBs to create it.

HTTP Push Zone

VOD Push Zone

What is the difference between HTTP push and VOD push?

2. After the creation of the Push zone and upload, you need to create a scheduled playlist and schedule the file as a playlist. Please refer to the KB.

Scheduled Playlist V3.0 and its Implementation

How to schedule a playlist?

3. After these steps, your videos will play one by one as a live stream. We are providing HLS and DASH output for the stream. You can take the playback URL from Dashboard>Live streams>Scheduled Playlist>Manage>PlaybackURL/Embed code


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