How to integrate tokenized streams with Stalker?

This article helps the user to integrate the Tokenized streams delivered through 5centsCDN into your Stalker. The first part of the article explains how to integrate the streams which are created under Live Streams using the Publishing Points of 5centsCDN and the second part narrates how to integrate the streams delivered with help of Pull Zones.

Integrating 5centsCDN Tokenized streams with Stalker.

Integrating 5centsCDN tokenized streams under stalker is very easy as compared to the streams delivered the Pull Zone. Once you have created your Publishing Points you need to enable Secure Token to tokenize your Playback URLs. To know more about implementing Secure token for your streams, kindly click here.

Please make sure to note down the Secured Token/Secret Key which you have used to create the tokenized URLs as it will be later required in the stalker integration. Now go through the following steps using your Stalker control panel.

Login to Stalker control panel and configure the stream as below.

Links: ffmpeg

Check Temporary HTTP URL

Check NGINX secure link

The above configuration is illustrated below.

Configuration update in Stalker Login to Stalker server via ssh. Navigate to the installation directory to edit the configuration file:

Please make sure to not edit file config.ini. Create file custom.ini and add the following configuration. Do not copy the entire content of config.ini in custom.ini. Only add the following customized sections to custom.ini.

The default Secret key defined in stalker is “super-secret”. Replace this secret key with the Secure Token Key as below and add the secure link TTL in the nginx_secure_link_ttl and you are good to go.

nginx_secure_link_secret = SecretKey nginx_secure_link_ttl = 5

How to find the Secure Token Key?

Go to Live Streams > Push/Pull

Click on the MANAGE button available right next to your desired Stream Name Select Secure Token under Security.

Integrating Pull Zone Tokenized streams with Stalker.

As you know with Pull Zone live stream delivery, we use HLS live stream from your HLS origin servers like Wowza or Flussonic. HLS stream is not a single file but the combination of .ts and .m3u8 files. In HLS the primary file is .m3u8 and streams are specified as .ts in the .m3u8 file. So if a client requests a stream with a valid token then 5centsCDN will deliver the .m3u8 file without any issue. But the .ts defined in .m3u8 file is not tokenized so 5centsCDN will restrict the delivery of .ts because of an invalid token.

To enable token in HLS stream from you pull Zone you can use the 2 following options.

You can create Simulcast with the source streams from your origin server and then tokenize the stream. Please click here to know more about creating Simulcast with your source streams and click here to know more about tokenizing your Simulcast URL. Once you have completed tokenizing the Simulcast, then you can cycle back to the step “Integrating 5centsCDN Tokenized streams with Stalker” and complete your stalker integration which is explained here. We will manage and customize your Flussonic server for writing tokens in .ts and .m3u8. In that case, Flussonic will write token in .ts so 5centsCDN will get a valid token for both .m3u8 and .ts and which can be integrated into your Stalker. Kindly contact our technical team to implement this specific scenario.

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