How to get URL for DVR with ABR (multi bitrate) streams?

This article explains how to get URL for DVR with ABR streams. Make sure that you have enabled the DVR option in your ABR(Multi-bitrate) stream.

How to enable DVR for ABR(multi bitrate) streams?

To get the ABR enabled playback URL, please follow the steps,

  1. Log in to 5centsCDN console.
  2. Go to DVR under Live streams.
  3. Select the appropriate stream from the list and click the Manage button.
  4.  On the redirected page, click the DVR Status / Export option.
  5. You will get a graph which shows the details about the recording footage.
  6. Specify the Start and End time of your recordings.
  7. Now you can copy the ABR-enabled HLS URL from the console.

Note that the recording will automatically remove from the server after the retention period. So we recommend exporting the DVR content to the HTTP/VoD push to store it permanently. You can refer the below-mentioned URL for more information about DVR export.

How to export DVR stream to push zone?

What is DVR auto export option?

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