You can make your own profile if you do not want to use the default auto transcoding profile. Please follow the steps to create a new profile,

  • Navigate to the 5centsCDN control panel.
  • Click “Video Encoding“.
  • Click “Global Preset Profiles/Filters“.
  • Click “New Combined Profile“.
  • Specify a name for the profile.
  • Add the profiles here, for example 1080p, 720p,480p etc
  • Click the “CREATE” button.


Success! combined profile created. Now you can make this profile as an auto transcoding profile in video manager.

Follow the steps,

  • Go to Video Manager.
  • Click the Manage button.
  • On the redirected page, go to Settings.
  • Click “CDN Resource“.
  • In Auto Transcoding Profile, select the combined profile from the list.
  • Click the SAVE button.


Settings completed, You can upload files to the video manager. The videos will be transcoded automatically using this profile.