How to check my CDN usage and stats?

5centsCDN provides a wealth of relevant information about CDN delivery, User Demographics, Bandwidth utilization, and user experience. Our Report session includes CDN Delivery Summary, per Location Delivery Stats, Major hits and Associated Analytics and much more.

In order to view the Report Session go to Dashboard > Live streams > Reports > Summary.

The terminologies associated with our Report Session have been explained below.

  • Bandwidth: It shows the amount of bandwidth delivered by the CDN.
  • Hits: Based on our HLS delivery, a hit is considered as the number of requests to CDN for a file, in short, it is counted as a hit for each single chunk request.
  • Cache Hits: The cache hits measures the percentage of requests your CDN is able to serve from its own internal cache.
  • Non-Cache Hits: Non-cache hits represent requests for assets in which the CDN has to pass along to your Origin.
  • Edge-Locations: It represents the available Edge PoPs which deliver your content and associated statistics per locations.
  • Top Files: Top files shows the top 50 streams or the chunks for which maximum hit has been received.
  • Status Codes: The status code represents the amount Successful and Unsuccessful requests for your streams.
  • File Types: File Types show the graphical representation of top file type which has been delivered.

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