How to allow or block requests based on IP address in live streaming?

You can enable the IP access security feature to allow or block requests based on IP address or list of IP addresses. Please follow the steps to enable this security for your live streaming.

  • Login to the 5centsCDN control panel.
  • Go to Live Streams and select Pull/Push/Multi bitrate Push/Scheduled playlist/Delayed stream.
  • Click the Manage button of your stream name.
  • On the redirected page, you can scroll down and find IP access under the Security section.
    • Enable: You can enable this security
    • Policy: Select anyone from the option
      • Block: To block the request from the listed IP addresses.
      • Allow: To give access only to the listed IP addresses.
    • IP addresses: Specify the list of IP addresses here. You can specify both IPv4 and IPv6

  • Click the Save button.

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