How to add an IP cam?

You can restream HLS, RTMP, HTTP MPEG-DASH & RTSP.

To create a Pull stream Please log into your 5centsCDN Console

  • In the re-directed page, click on the drop-down menu Live Streams which is located to the extreme left-right under the 5centsCDN logo.
  • Go to Pull.
  • Click on Green Plus Button (add a new Simulcast stream) which is located at the extreme top right corner of the screen.
  • In the re-directed page please provide the Publish Name/Stream  Name. If the name given is not already used will be accepted. The detailed illustration is given below, to view :
    • Choose MEDIA SERVER
    • Select the Origin Server which is geographically located near to your source from the drop-down menu. Please note, here you can give the Main Source Stream as well as multiple Backup Source Streams by clicking the + right in front of Source ( the advantage is, if your Main Stream is down then the stream will be automatically pulled from the backup source provided by you)
    • If you are using RTSP playback link as your source URL, normally RTSP URL looks like this: rtsp://admin:4321@ It’s important that usually there’s some path after the IP address. Your camera won’t stream without it.
    • Scroll down the page and click on the Create button.
    • Success! Stream Created message will be displayed upon successful creation.

On successful creation, the PULL stream details will be available under Live Streams > Pull

  • Click on MANAGE corresponding to the required Stream Name
  • Under Basic option :
  • Info will display your Publish Name/Stream Name and the corresponding origin server.
  • Preview will give you a sneak-peek to your stream
  • Encoder Credentials will display your FMS URL and Stream Name
  • Playback URLs / Embed Code will display your Playback URLs with Embed codes of Grind and Flow Player. View below Illustration for the available options for Simulcast.

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