How to add an edge rule: basic settings?

Add rules

You can add rules to link matches with specific behaviors and trigger them, when there are matching requests to your zone. Combine matches with behaviors and build rule trees to ensure that the CDN handles and serves your content according to your needs.

How to

  1. Go to CDN Dashboard > Go to Live/Push/Pull Zone based on your customization needs.
  2. In the Live/Push/Pull Zone Manage settings, go to the Edge Rules tab and click on the “create rule”
  3. In the text field, Give a name for the rule.
  4. Add the match criteria based on your required customization.
  5. Click Add Behavior to open a pop-up. The Add Behavior window allows you to scroll through features, select them, and read a brief description.
  6. Select the feature you want to insert and click Add. The view will return to the edge rule settings.
  7. Configure the behavior as your needs
  8. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click create.

Next steps

You can set multiple “behaviors” and configure how CDN should handle your content. After creating the rule, You need to wait 15 minutes to reflect the rules in CDN.

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