Domain Locking in Live Streaming

How to enable Domain Locking? This Feature restricts the streams or contents to be delivered only on a particular website or domain so that there will be no unauthorized viewing and complete protection for your copyrighted content. You can also specify a particular IP on which the content has to be delivered or blocked.

In order to access the Domain Lock feature :

  • Go to Live Streams > Push or If you want to enable for Zones, Go to Zones > Push/Pull.
  • Click on the Manage button available right next to your desired Publish Name/Zones.
  • In the re-directed page Select Domain Lock.
  • By default Domain, the Lock will be disabled.
  • If you want to deliver your content only in a particular domain then toggle the slider to Enable mode and add the required domain name in Allowed Domains.
  • If you want to Block the content delivery for a specific IP regardless of the Domain, you can slide the toggle to Blacklist and specify the IP in the allowed IPs
  • Click Save to apply the changes.

Kindly note that we are not recommending using Domain Locking for HLS. It’s mainly designed for RTMP. Domain Locking will work only with clients that use referrer, mainly with Flash player. It will work only with simple embedding schemes. Also if you want to use unique domain names in this field like,,, etc, the best option to enable domain lock for is to add like this : *

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