External Auth Control

External Auth Control is used to validate a request and check if it is coming from a valid user or not. When a request is made to access a stream, a set of parameters are collected and passed to an external customer auth server for approval. Currently, limited to streaming services only.


External Auth Control has best features.

External Auth

Custom Security Control

This feature makes use of the token feature to customize security to ensure your contents are secure while delivery.


Customer Auth Server

As the name suggests, authenticates the customer origin which facilitates authentication of an entity that attempts to access a network.


Complete Client Control

Here, the complete content access is only defined and accessed by clients, we or neither do any third party will have access to it.

External Auth

Simple Integration

Easy to setup and integrate at the clients end as we have a set of defined protocols which could be done in no time

External Auth

Free of Cost

The best part is, all these integrations are for free, make the best of it!!

External Auth

Integration Support

We offer 24x7x365 free support for integrating the setup at our end.

Give your customers the best viewing experience.

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