We take pride in offering A-grade services at a simple and transparent pricing structure. Our state-of-the-art, modern, and advanced content delivery network platform is one of its kind with no setup fee, and the packages starting from as low as 5 cents per GB. We don’t rip you off with the hidden charges or overage usage once your subscription is expired. 5centsCDN’s pay-as-you-go option is a real game-changer.

  • Pay As You Go

Per GB


Per GB


Per GB


Per GB


$200   $15

Minimum Top-Up

Additional features

Add-on Pricing (Pay as you go)

$1 per month

$0.05 per GB per month. Unlimited file size and HTTP requests

50k minutes for $20 per month. $0.005 per minute under PAYG model
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Have some questions before getting started?

No, consider buying a monthly plan for live streaming.

No, you only pay for the data transfer used.

$5 is the minimum top-up balance.

Credits do not expire if you top up within every 365 days.

$0. All supported TLS certificates are offered by 5centsCDN free of cost and there are no hidden charges whatsoever.

100 zones with standard, volume, and premium network. 10 zones with the enterprise network.

Pull zone storage has no additional cost and it comes with your package. Push/VOD zone storage, on the other hand, is $0.05 per GB per month.

For the Standard, Volume & Premium package, outgoing BW from our edge servers is measured in Bytes. For Enterprise, in Bytes + midgress traffic.

Additional zones cost $1 per month.

Additional transcoding of 50k minutes costs $20 per month.

We accept credit cards, Paypal, and bank wire transfers.

PAYG plan can not be upgraded to the PAYG plan.

Give your customers the best viewing experience.

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