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Allow developers to

create better user experiences

An API is an application programming interface that allows one piece of software to make use of the functionality of, or data available to another, providing a consistent, programmatic method for accessing a resource. Here at 5centsCDN, we have developed multiple APIs to make it easy for our clients to integrate their technology with ours.

Why Do I Need An API?

APIs are the best tools for integrating systems and easing the development process. APIs are seemingly necessary for any client that is looking to integrate their business with ours.

  • No additional fees
  • Accessible Logs and Reports
  • Create and edit CDN resources
  • Fully documented API with code
  • Integrate rules with CDN with our API
  • Single endpoint to access the API

For more information on Our APIs visit developer hub

We are always working on developing new and improved APIs. Stay tuned!